One of the best ways to shrink and cleanse large pores is by using a face mask. For those of us with large pores, the best way to shrink them, is to clean them out first! 

Treating yourself to a face mask is as pleasurable and necessary as treating yourself to a long hot bath. But how often should you use a face mask, and when are the best instances to apply that mask?

Finding the right balance between moisturizing and cleansing the skin can be a tricky one. Especially for those of us with sensitive, oily, or dry skin types. We need to find the right ingredients and products that nourish our skin types, prevent breakouts and promote even skin tones. One key element for achieving skin that glows is by applying the right face mask, at the right moment, for your skin type. Let’s explore all the different face masks one should use depending on their skin type, the benefits of face masks and how they work. 

What does a face mask do for the skin?

Face masks composed of the right natural ingredients can have the power to:

  • Cleanse the skin
  • Brighten the skin
  • Can work as a deep cleanser
  • Hydrate dry skin
  • Eliminate toxins from the skin
  • Shrink pores and more!

Using a Face Mask to Shrink and Cleanse Large Pores

One of the best ways to shrink and cleanse large pores is by using a face mask. For those of us with large pores, the best way to shrink them, is to clean them out first! We need a mask that will draw out toxins from the pores without being too abrasive. Masks are more effective than your daily cleanser, because masks are meant to rest on the skin of your face for around an hour. Vonetta Cosmetics’ Pore Purifying Mask for example, was created to really pull out any dirt or bacteria that has stubbornly found its way in your pores, causing acne, blackheads or pimples. Leave on for 60 minutes, then rinse, pat dry and admire your skin! 

Mud Masks to Feel Like Your in the Spa and More!

Mud masks not only make you feel like you’ve brought the spa to you, but they also powerfully hydrate and purify the skin. It’s one of the oldest methods in history for cleansing and softening the skin. Mud masks made with Hungarian mud, like our Mineral Rejuvenating Mask is ideal for those who want to brighten and rejuvenate the skin so that it really glows. The mud is so healing, many even use it beyond their face and onto their entire body for the full on self-care treatment. Mud is an incredible treatment for those who have drier skin types, eczema, or dermatitis, but will also benefit all skin types. 

Face Mask to Reduce Fine Lines and Hydrate the Skin

When we’re stressed, overworked, don’t sleep enough, have been in the sun one too many times without protecting our skin, drink alcohol, or too much coffee, we end up with unnecessary fine lines. To improve the skin’s elasticity, make the skin feel more plump and to eliminate fine lines, go for our Cucumber Gel Mask. This light gel mask, made with natural plant extracts will soothe inflamed skin, reduce redness, fine lines and will gently hydrate the skin so that it’s smooth, soft, and healthy. 

Face Mask to Eliminate Acne and Reduce Oil Buildup

Having acne or oily prone skin is no easy battle. We’ve been there, and we know it well. For those of us with oily skin types it can feel extra challenging to find the right products that will harmoniously eliminate excess oil without making your face feel tight and dry, only to feel oily again within the hour! 

A clay mask made with ingredients like Bentonite, Sulfur, Kaolin and Zinc, will remove acne forming bacteria, balance the pH level of the skin, dry up excess oil, and remove impurities from deep within the pores. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for all your life, go for the Oil/Acne Mask which will exfoliate dead skin cells making your skin feel baby soft and radiant. 

Final Thoughts on Face Masks

Whether you’re using a face mask that peels off, a cream mask, a mud mask or a gel mask, always wash your face first before applying. Follow the instructions on the label, some masks are meant to stay on for an hour, overnight, or just a few minutes. Once it’s time to rinse off the mask with warm water, pat dry and apply a gentle moisturizer to seal in that moisture for well balanced skin. Most face masks should be used once or twice a week, so don’t be shy and treat yourself to some relaxing ‘me-time!’ 

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