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September 08, 2018 1 min read

Embarrassed to talk about genital acne?
Well, it’s time to stop beating around the bush. No pun intended:).
I kid, I kid, however genital acne is something that affects a multitude of people. From cancelled spa days to nonexistent date nights with your partner; the miseducation of genital acne continually disrupts the lives of people everyday.
Luckily for us, genital acneis something that can be managed, and treated with these four simple steps:
Use gentle/unscented detergent
Detergents with fragrances typically containharsh ingredients that trigger acne. When washing your clothes and undergarments, it’s important to use a gentle detergent to prevent any sort of irritation from occuring.
Wear natural fibers
Fabrics like cotton and silk are an excellent way to combat genital acne.  Lightweight fabrics tends to fend off sweating byabsorbing moisture, which in return reduces the chance of pore blockage.
Wash after working out
The long term presence of sweat can be harmful to the skin. When the bacteria found in sweat meets with dead skin cells, a “plug” of  debris is created.  Whenever possible, it’s recommended that you wash directly after working out, to prevent your pores from being blocked.
Don’t suffer in silence
Genital acne is nothing to be embarrassed of. Many people continue to suffer in silence out of the fear, and shame behind the stigma. If you or anyone else  is suffering from genital acne, I encourage you to seek help from a trusted skin professional.

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