In all honesty, drinking water may be the simplest and fastest solution for clearer skin and softer hair.  Drinking more water will not only work wonders on our skin and hair, but our whole body. Water aids in digestion, circulation and absorption. Drinking more water can help us maintain a...

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As we get a little older we start to notice our skin’s varying skin tones. Sometimes these differences can be sunspots, while other times it may be due to hormones, medicinal side effects, genetics, or habits.  You may be happy to know that uneven skin tones are one of the...

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No matter how light or dark your natural skin tone may be, you’ll want to protect your skin from the sun - every day. Contrary to popular belief, the sun can damage even the darkest skin tones, no matter the pigmentation, or skin color. There are a number of reasons...

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