Witch hazel has incredible uses and benefits for improving skin. Witch hazel is one of those products every naturalista should have on their shelves or in their bathroom cabinets. It’s one of those powerful products of nature which can be used to heal just about every skin issue. 

Witch hazel has incredible uses and benefits for improving skin. 

Witch hazel is one of those products every naturalista should have on their shelves or in their bathroom cabinets. It’s one of those powerful products of nature which can be used to heal just about every skin issue. 

But what exactly is witch hazel? What are the skin benefits of witch hazel? And should you include witch hazel in your skin care routine? These are all important questions to consider before picking up some top quality witch hazel for you and your medicine cabinets. 

What is witch hazel and where does it come from?

Witch hazel is actually a plant native to North America and Asia. Hamamelis virginiana is the typical species of witch hazel found in beauty products. The leaves, twigs and bark of the plant, which is tree-like in form, contain several therapeutic attributes. It is from these parts of the plant in which the witch hazel that you find in your health food store are extracted and distilled from. Through the distillation process, the active chemical compounds are present for treating a variety of skin ailments.

The tannins present in witch hazel is actually what gives it that astringent effect on skin. But let’s explore witch hazel’s skin care benefits in the next section. One thing to consider before moving forward is that there has been very little research done on natural products in the last, well, century. When it comes to natural products, most of the wisdom passed down to us has come from many cultures and traditions who have been working with nature to heal and soothe ailments and internal or external discomforts. That being said, all the benefits listed below are derived from generations of experience, rather than scientific research. It’s up to you to decide what line of thought resonates with you and what you feel most comfortable with. 

Witch hazel skin benefits

Witch hazel is one of those natural products that are great for almost all skin types. The only ones who really need to shy away from witch hazel are those with rosacea, or allergies. As with every new ingredient and product, once should do a skin patch test to make sure there’s no allergic reactions from the product. 

That being said, let’s have a look at some of witch hazel’s skin care benefits:

Tightens Pores- the astringent properties in witch hazel temporarily tightens pores. Many skin care lines use witch hazel instead of alcohol for this exact side effect. When the pores shrink, it prevents impurities from entering the skin, keeping the skin cells cleaner for longer. 

Treats Oily skin- witch hazel can come as a sort of life saver for those with oily skin types. Witch hazel when used after washing the face, or as a main ingredient inside of a natural serum, will prevent excess oil from building up on the skin and clogging pores. 

Reduces Inflammation and acne- witch hazel can soothe and calm irritation because of its antiinflammatory compounds. The antimicrobial properties of witch hazel can work at reducing or slowing down bacterial growth that causes acne or breakouts. 

Improves Skin tone- Because witch hazel has the power to shrink pores and reduce redness, it works great as a natural skin toner. Its antiseptic properties have the power to clean and smooth out skin tones.  

Treats wounds and sunburns- witch hazel offers a cooling effect on sunburns and wounds. It will reduce redness and inflammation, restoring the skin to its normal order quickly and safely. It also works great when applied to the skin after bug bites or contact with irritant plants like poison ivy. 

Our final thoughts on witch hazel  

Witch hazel can be used to treat many other aches and ailments. It is commonly used to remove makeup, to treat dandruff, prevents razor bumps and can even be ingested in small doses to treat internal issues. The best way to know if witch hazel is right for you is to try it on your skin type. It’s a little too aggressive for sensitive skin types, but can work like magic on normal to oily skin types. Mainy natural toners and serums use witch hazel as a main ingredient alongside many other soothing essential oils to hydrate the skin and keep it glowing all year long! 

Have any questions or concerns about witch hazel? Reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you! 

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