Everyone can have skin that glows, all it takes is a few tips and tricks to ignite that glow!

There are several factors that go into having radiant skin. When we care for our skin in the best way possible, it is possible for us too, to have skin that really glows. Our sleep, diet, hormones, genetics, and habits are all important variables when it comes to the condition of our skin. In order to have the best skin possible, we need to have a closer look at each of these areas in our lives to ensure we are doing what’s best for our health and the health of our skin. The two truly go hand in hand. 

Exfoliate your skin 

Finding the right exfoliator is really important for those of us who want skin that glows. That’s because when we don’t exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt and toxins accumulate on the surface of our skin. Exfoliating will help gently remove those dead skin cells, dirt and toxins so that your skin looks more healthy and youthful. Vonetta Cosmetics has investigated and tested various ingredients to find the perfect combination for glowing skin. If you’re in need of a natural exfoliant, then the Strawberry Pumice Scrub is the ideal solution for you, because it is both gentle and beneficial for all skin types, and magically effective! 

How our diet can illuminate our skin

Our skin and gut are in direct contact with one another. 

When we eat ingredients we are allergic to, or that are simply harmful for our gut, our skin will let us know. Alternatively, when we eat healthy and nutritious food, our gut rewards us with glowing skin and hair. Some of the most important ingredients to incorporate into your daily diet, yes daily, are raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Fruit and vegetables are packed with antioxidants, fibers, vitamins and minerals that are anti-inflammatory and work on our skin from the inside out. 

Try swapping out sugars and sweets for dark chocolates, fruit and nuts. And see what happens when you replace processed foods and fried foods for more raw ingredients in your smoothies, salads and your daily meals. We’re sure your skin will be the first to let you know that you’re on the right track! 

Drink More Water

When we don't drink enough water, but instead sip on caffeinated drinks like coffees and sodas, our skin will dry out and break out. Alternatively, when we drink more water, herbal teas and coconut water, we provide enough nositure to our skin, resulting in skin that glows. Water will naturally flush out toxins from your body, but will also hydrate your skin from, yup, the inside out. If we want youthful looking skin, then we need to provide our body with enough water so that it appears youthful and smooth. It’s really that simple!

Exercise More

Who would have thought sweating and getting a work out would promote skin health? But it’s true. When we exercise we sweat out those toxins that get into our skin and bodies from our environment. Exercise increases circulation which delivers all those necessary vitamins and minerals to your skin so that it looks and feels even healthier. 

Sleep Well

Who doesn’t love to sleep? 

Sleeping well is imperative for us to feel good and look good. When we pair up a healthy sleeping schedule with a healthy diet plan, we’re sure to leap many steps closer to having naturally glowing skin. When we don’t sleep enough our skin looks dull and we get small fine lines and dark circles around our eyes. As adults, we need a good 8 hours of sleep without interruption, for glowing skin and a glowing day! 

Washing and Moisturizing Routine

First we need to wash our hands with soap before we start to splash water anywhere near our faces. When we’re ready to wash our face with the right cleanser for our skin type, we need to run lukewarm water and not scorching hot water that strips all that natural sebum oil we need on our skin. Once we’ve thoroughly rinsed our face with warm water, and then gently massaged our cleanser into our skin, we need to rinse with lukewarm and then cool water. Pat dry when finished. 

Once your skin is clean, then it’s time to apply your natural moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying or appearing dry. The right moisturizer will nourish your skin so that it looks its healthiest. 

If you’re looking for a gentle, yet effective cleanser we recommend going for the Gentle Cleansing Gel which will penetrate those pores to remove all that dirt and toxins without making your skin feel rough and tight by the time you pat dry your face. 

For a soothing and nourishing moisturizer we recommend the Balancing Moisturizer that is light, won't clog your pores and safe for all skin types! 

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