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August 12, 2018 2 min read


So you’ve taken the first step to clearing your skin with a chemical peel… now what?
Chemical peels are an excellent way to jump start a healthy skin journey by combating hyper pigmentation, and flushing out heavily congested skin. However the aftercare is just as-if not more important than the procedure itself.
When caring for post peeled skin, it is important to remember the following Do’s and Don'ts!
Sun exposure- Chemical peels can leave the skin in a sensitive, and vulnerable state. Exposing your post peeled skin to harsh UV rays for long periods of time typically result in pigment related issues. Keep in mind that sun damage can occur in bothcloudy, and inclement weather. UV rays have the ability to penetrate clouds and reflect off of snow. Sun damage can also occur indoors where awindowis present. This is why habitual drivers tend to have visible blemishes on one side of their face.
Picking-  Depending on the intensity of the chemical peel, visible peeling may occur. The premature peeling of skin may cause the skin to scar, or becomehyperpigmented. If your skin begins to hang after peeling, then it is safe to snip the protruding pieces off with cuticle scissors.
Exfoliate- During your peeling phase avoid using physical exfoliants and products containing:acids, enzymes or retinol.The intensity of the peel will determine the timeframe in which you can resume your usual routine.

Sunblock- Whether it’s: cloudy, rainy, or even indoors; sunblock is a must! To maintain your results, it’s important to protect the fresh new skin from harmful UV rays.
Ask Questions- When in doubt, just ask! If you have any questions regarding your chemical peel, please consult with your skin care professional.
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