Why We Love Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair

Without a doubt, no matter your skin type or hair type, you should be using Jojoba oil in your beauty regime. 

Here’s why.

Jojoba oil is a miracle oil. Okay, now we sound like we’re exaggerating, but are we? If you’re just getting into natural beauty products, then you’ve probably noticed Jojoba oil listed in just about every natural beauty line there is. It’s just too good not to use. Why? Because it happens to be beneficial for all skin types, from oily skin to dry skin types. And great for all hair types from kinky to straight. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into this nutritious oil, shall we?

A brief Jojoba oil Backstory

Jojoba oil is native to the North American desert. Jojoba oil is the oil which is extracted from the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed through a cold press process. The cold pressing process is a process which helps maintain the nutritional value of the seed without diminishing it’s goodness. 

But before we go any further, you should just know jojoba oil is not actually an oil, but a wax ester. This fact might help us understand how it helps those of us with oily skin types. But more on that later. 

Jojoba oil has an incredible shelf life, can withstand high temperatures, and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which help nourish and moisturize the skin, scalp and hair. But let’s jump into those skin benefits already, right?

Jojoba Oil Benefits for All Skin Types

So how can we use jojoba oil on our skin? And who should use jojoba oil for the face and body and who shouldn't? Well, jojoba oil is incredibly hydrating, and loaded with vitamins and minerals that help nourish your skin so it glows. If you didn’t already guess, jojoba oil is great for those with dry skin. You can either apply the oil directly to your skin, or look for your favorite natural products that contain jojoba oil as one of their main ingredients. 

The vitamin E and B in jojoba oil is great for repairing skin that was damaged from the sun. It helps reduce inflammation and promotes skin cell production. Your best bet is to mix a few drops of jojoba oil with aloe vera gel (dream team), in cases of sunburns or sun damage. 

Jojoba oil can help reduce and prevent acne with its antibacterial properties. The iodine in jojoba oil will help fight the bacteria that leads to acne, while it’s antiinflammatory properties can help soothe breakouts. The oil won't clog your pores because it's non comedogenic, and is safe to use on those who have eczema or rosacea. 

For those with oily skin types, many believe jojoba oil has the power to ‘trick’ the skin into thinking it has already produced sebum (your skin’s natural oil) and so it won’t go into overdrive producing excess oil. 

We recommend going for organic jojoba oil to avoid the chemicals that get into your standard jojoba oil which tend to use pesticides and other toxins for higher production rates. 

Jojoba Oil Hair benefits

As a general rule of thumb, natural ingredients and essential oils which work wonders on skin, will work its similar magic on hair. Jojoba oil is great for those with dry scalp because it can moisturize the scalp. And while it’s moisturizing the scalp, it can also moisturize your hair. Which is especially fantastic for those who just can't seem to retain that moisture. The high vitamin E and vitamin B content, many speculate, can contribute to hair growth. You can use the oil to reduce frizz. And for those with extremely curly or coily hair, if you add a few drops to your palm and start from the bottom up, you can moisturize your hair in sections with this hydrating oil without weighing down your curls. 

Final thoughts on Jojoba oil

There’s an abundance of natural essential oils that safely and effectively hydrate the skin and hair. The more you get into the natural beauty care world, the more you feel like there are an endless amount of essential oils and ingredients which can nourish and cleanse your skin and hair without leaving behind any toxins or long-term damage. Jojoba oil is certainly a staple in our medicine cabinets and beauty products. How about yours?

Have you recently started using jojoba oil, or a product with jojoba oil in it as a main ingredient? How was your experience with it? We’d love to hear from you. 

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