We’ve all seen images of women with cucumbers on their eyes, but did you know your entire face can benefit from cucumber extract?

Cucumber is an incredibly hydrating ingredient, great for the skin and the entire body. Cucumbers are 95% water (hint, hint very much like our skin water content) which is why they are both hydrating and cooling for the skin. Cucumber extract is in fact a superfood when it comes to your skin. It has the natural power to tone the skin, treat sunburns, soothes irritated skin and a whole lot more. Let’s take a deeper look into cucumber extract and understand exactly how it works and it’s skincare benefits. 

Anti-Aging Properties

Have you ever looked into the mirror after a stressful activity, or a long dehydrating flight? We don’t recommend it! You may notice deep lines around your eyes and on other parts of your face, which weren't there before. Those lines aren’t permanent, but are a clear sign of how dehydrated you and your skin are. Cucumber hydrates the skin, keeping it smooth and supple, so that none of those unnecessary premature lines appear on the skin. The manganese and potassium in cucumber further enhance the firmness of the skin. 

Helps Fight and Prevent Acne and Oily Skin

Cucumber has the power to significantly lower the sebum production of your sebaceous gland. This will not only prevent oily skin, but will also prevent the pores from getting clogged. Clogged pores almost always lead to breakouts. Furthermore, the antioxidants present in cucumbers keep inflammation at bay, preventing the skin from swelling with small (or large) pimples and redness. 

Naturally Tones Skin and Heals Scars

By naturally removing excess oil and preventing pimples, cucumber has the power to even out skin tones. It’s hydrating and healing benefits prevent the skin from swelling, while it simultaneously prevents uneven patches of color appearing on the skin. It can help speed up the production of new skin cells thereby healing scars much faster than it normally would. 

Protects and Heals the Skin from the Sun

As you can imagine, it’s cooling benefits can heal sunburn and swelling from the sun. The flavonoids, tannins, and vitamin C in cucumbers are antioxidants which can further protect your skin from the sun. Many sunscreens use cucumber in their ingredients for this very reason. It can also naturally reduce melanin levels of the skin, neutralizing harmful free radicals produced by those damaging UV rays. This is especially beneficial for those of us with hyperpigmentation. 

Swollen Eyes and Dark Circles

And last but not least, cucumbers can effectively reduce the swelling under the eyes and additionally, lighten dark circles that appear under the eyes. Dark circles and swelling can appear because of coffee-intake, sleep-deprivation, or sun damage. The vitamin C, which is an ascorbic acid, reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation under the eyes. 

Takeaway on Cucumber Extract 

It’s no secret now why Vonetta Cosmetics includes cucumber extract as one of the main ingredients in GLOW. As the name implies, GLOW reduces signs of aging and sun damage from the skin. It will bring your skin back to life by evening out your natural skin tone, while preventing breakouts, acne and oil from appearing on the skin. GLOW will help perfect your skin overnight while you sleep, so that you can wake up with skin a little clearer and a little bit more radiant. 


Have you recently added cucumber extract into your beauty care routine? What effects has it had on your skin? We’d love to hear from you! 


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