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Are you anxious to age gracefully?  Tried dyeing your hair, but still not able to capture that youthful appearance?  Believe it or not, studies have shown that skin that is plump, smooth and even toned can go a loooooong way, in helping one to look youthful.  Much more so than just a dye job.  The right amount of exfoliation, moisture and sun protection is the best investment you can make.  Check out our Anti-aging Skin Kit and get your skin on track for years to come.

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This Kit Contains:Mandelic Acid Cleansing Gel, Normalizing Toner, Heyedration, Equalizing Moisturizer


Morning and Night wash with Mandelic Acid Cleansing Gel.  Apply to skin, massage onto your face staying away from eyes and mouth. Rinse and pat dry.

Morning and Night apply Normalizing Toner with a cotton ball or pad.  Wipe gently over your entire face staying away from eyes and mouth.

Morning and Night apply a thin coat of Heyedration gel to your eye area. Massage in a circular motion towards the center of your face.

Morning and Night apply Equalizing Moisturizer.  Massage into skin. Continue with next step.