Water is a necessity for clear skin, and a healthy lifestyle overall. It is estimated that the average person loses approximately 10-15 cups or 3-4 litres of water a day through everyday activities. As beings composed of mainly water(approximately 50 to 70% ), it is imperative that we stay hydrated. However, getting those recommended glasses in everyday isn’t always an easy task. If you’re someone that struggles with staying hydrated, then have no fear! ;)

Here are some creative ways to reach your daily required water intake:

1. Start the day off right:

After a long night of no fluids, it’s important to pump yourself full of water first thing in the morning. Creating a morning routine that includes hydration will improve your metabolism while also helping you flush out toxins.

2. Throw some flavor into the mix:

Water doesn’t have to be boring. If you find yourself ditching water for more flavorful drinks, then try to infuse.  Using stevia based flavorings or infusing fruits, and herbs into your water can be a great way to spruce up a bland bottle.

3. Choose “hydrating” foods:

Did you know that what you eat can affect your water intake? Choosing foods with high water content is an awesome way to reach your daily goals.

4. Get fizzy with it:

Sparkling, and mineral water is a miracle alternative to soda lovers. If you crave that fizzy taste in a drink, try your luck with a carbonated water.

If you have any  questions regarding skin care or hydration , visit and schedule a consultation.


So we know that we need to get a gallon of water in however that very rarely happens. So how do we work through this dilemma? Tired of people telling you to drink your water… You knew that already right!! Well have no fear I am here to help you with this issue with a couple of solutions that should help you to become your best hydrated self .

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