End of the year celebrations tend to yield New Year's resolutions. Exercise, clean diet, clear skin,you name it. However, the up-kick in self-improvement aspirations also comes with a load of gimmicks and useless regimens.

In this series, I’ll give you the 411 on my favorite  skincare tips to help you execute your 2019 “Glo’ up” flawlessly💅.

But before we start- let's uncover a risky ingredient found in two extremely popular makeup products.

Many highlighting, and bronzing makeup products contain Methicones. Methicones are silicones, and can be classified in the following categories: antistatic, emollient, and skin conditioning. Methicones and other silicone variants are designed to trap moisture, and can potentially smoothen the skin surface. It’s seems harmless, right? But what if this holy-grail ingredient proved to be more of a harmful choice for some?

Comparable to shrink wrap, the moisture trapping properties of methicones works so well, that it can also trap bacteria, and sebum. For those who are acne prone, this obviously spells out disaster. If you are someone who frequently uses highlighting and/or bronzing products, check your area of application. You may notice isolated areas of textured skin, or acne.


However, fortunately for the acne prone, there are plenty of brands that offer these products free of silicone variants. So, let's “Glo’up” the proper way in 2019 ladies 😎.


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