In all honesty, drinking water may be the simplest and fastest solution for clearer skin and softer hair.  Drinking more water will not only work wonders on our skin and hair, but our whole body. 

In all honesty, drinking water may be the simplest and fastest solution for clearer skin and softer hair. 

Drinking more water will not only work wonders on our skin and hair, but our whole body. Water aids in digestion, circulation and absorption. Drinking more water can help us maintain a healthy weight, and even aids in our mental health. It can help flush out toxins from the body, increase energy levels, and can help curb mood swings. No wonder this planet and our body’s have so very much of it! But let’s explore exactly how drinking water impacts our hair and skin directly. Then we’ll divulge in some ways you can start hydrating more often. 

How your skin benefits when you drink more water

Your skin cells are primarily made up of water. When the body doesn’t have enough water, the barrier of the skin weakens and becomes dry, irritated, and very often, leads to premature aging. Furthermore, when the barrier of our skin is weaker, we are more vulnerable to sun damage. 

Drinking water regularly, throughout the day, helps the skin retain its natural glow. And, as mentioned earlier, drinking water helps flush toxins from the body, including the skin cells. The less toxins and unhealthy bacteria we have in the body, the less likely we will be prone to breakouts, acne and other skin issues. Collagen, which is all the craze now, actually needs a fluid environment in order to function properly.  Drinking warm water first thing in the morning and throughout the day helps keep the skin moisturized and balanced for a glowing complexion. Yes please! 

How your hair will benefit when you hydrate more often

If your hair tends to be on the drier side, or you want to prevent dry hair, we strongly recommend that you drink more water. Your hair needs moisture both inside and out to grow long and healthy. If we don't drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day, then no matter what products we use, our hair will not grow faster or softer. When the cells near your scalp and hair follicles are dehydrated, you can stunt hair growth and wind up with dry and brittle hair. 

On the flip side, by simply drinking a lot more filtered water throughout the day we can improve our hair and overall health. When we supply our body with a sufficient amount of water then we can add volume, shine and body to our hair. Well hydrated hair also helps the products we use work more effectively. Hydration also helps prevent dry scalp, frizz and breakage all season long. 

Our tips on how to drink more water throughout the day

It’s true - drinking a lot of water means running to the bathroom more often. But when you think of all the benefits over this small downside it’s well worth it. We seriously consider water as a top self-care ingredient in one’s daily life. We recommend drinking filtered water in case you’re not sure about the quality of water in the building or neighborhood you live in. 

  1. Filter water in advance- You can filter at least 8 cups worth of water the night before and carry the filtered water around with you in a water canister. This makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day, and helps you calculate how much you have been drinking. 
  2. Add more herbal teas to your routine- herbal teas like peppermint, ginseng or ginger have the ability to boost energy levels and one’s ability to focus. For an end of the day tea, you can opt for melisse or chamomile, to calm and soothe your inner world and sleep better throughout the night. Adding little bits of honey to tea also enhances the sweet flavor and can encourage many of us to drink more, more often. 
  3. Sparkling Water- sparkling water is an awesome solution for those who love bubbling drinks. This works at hitting the spot without dehydrating you or adding unhealthy sugars to your diet. Add lemon or lime to change up the flavor every now and then, when desired. 
  4. Naturally flavor your water- you can also naturally flavor any filtered water you're drinking, from warm to cold, with herbs and fruits. Mint leaves, cucumbers, or citrus fruit greatly enhance water flavors, so you can hydrate and enjoy a new drink all at once!

Our closing thought on hydrating with pure water

It isn't necessary to run out and buy cases of bottled water to get on the hydration band-wagon. Buying bottled water everyday is both bad for your bank and not all that great for our planet. Investing in a water filter in your office or home can really go a long way. Water has the power to improve your quality of life, and depending on where you live, it might even be free! Water is more than just a basic need, it’s a simple healer and safety-guard against several long term and short term health issues. But why even go there, when all we need to do is drink up?

What tricks have you mastered for drinking more water in your day-to-day life? We love hearing about the good stuff! 

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