If it’s your goal to achieve clear skin that glows, you’ll want to set up a solid skin care routine. Some habits and activities will involve regular daily care, while others can make it into your schedule once or twice a week. 

Beautiful skin is a reflection of good health and the right skin care routine. 

If it’s your goal to achieve clear skin that glows, you’ll want to set up a solid skin care routine. Some habits and activities will involve regular daily care, while others can make it into your schedule once or twice a week. In this article we’ll review all the secrets to perfect glowing skin and what each of us can do to have even healthier looking skin. 

Daily Skin Care Activity #1 - Cleanse

It’s important to cleanse twice a day, in the morning and at night, in order to remove any dirt, debris or toxins that have made its way into our pores. Our environment, especially those of us living in cities, possess an abundance of pollutants in the air, and though they are not all that visible, they inevitably wind up on the surface layer of our skin. 

You’ll want to choose the right cleanser for your skin type to gently remove dirt and impurities from your pores. Those of us with very sensitive skin types can rinse with warm water in the mornings and a cleanser in the evenings. The Gentle Cleansing Gel will gently remove impurities from the skin without stripping the skin of its needed oils to stay soft and well hydrated. 

And for more oily to normal skin types we recommend the Mandelic Acid Cleansing Gel. The mandelic acid is made from almonds which will gently but effectively exfoliate the skin for cleaner, softer skin. 

Daily Skin Care Activity #2 - Serum

Serum is the layer that goes between your clean skin and your moisturizer. Your serum will help remove wrinkles and fine lines and will further hydrate the skin, which is especially important during the winter months, or after prolonged sun exposure. Vonetta Cosmetics’ Triple Action Lightening Gel is one serum that will restore damaged skin cells for a more youthful and even skin tone - and only needs to be applied once a day. 

Daily Skin Care Activity #3 - Moisturizer 

After applying your serum, you really won’t want to skip out on your moisturizer. Our skin needs adequate hydration, otherwise we end up with lines, dark spots, or dry skin. We recommend the Chamomile Cream Cleanser for those with a more sensitive skin type and the Balancing Moisturizer for those with acne or oily skin types. Both moisturizers won’t clog the pores, they each have anti-inflammatory, soothing ingredients which minimizes skin irritation and breakouts. 

If you have normal to dry skin then go for the Equalizing Moisturizer which includes collagen, essential oils and botanical extracts for well hydrated and soothed skin. 

Daily Skin Care Routine #4 - Remove Makeup at Night

Sleeping with makeup on will clog the pores, and trap not only the residue from your makeup but also excess oil on the surface of your skin. When we’re really young, depending on our skin type, we may not notice the consequences, but the older we get the more severe the consequences will be. You can use jojoba oil or coconut oil to remove eye makeup and warm water and your cleanser to remove your foundation. 

Weekly Skin Care #1 - Exfoliate

Exfoliating will not only give your pores a deep clean, but it will also remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliators come in chemical, physical and enzymatic forms and will help enhance the skin so it appears more even in tone and color. 

For a gentle and delicious exfoliating experience, go for the Strawberry Pumice Scrub, that yes, smells like strawberries, but also feels refreshing. 

Lightly rub it onto your skin in circular motions for 30-60 seconds for maximum results. 

Weekly Skin Care #2 - Mud Mask 

And lastly, you’ll certainly want to invest in a revitalizing mud mask. Vonetta Cosmetics’ Mineral Rejuvenating Mask made with Hungarian mud will remove toxins and impurities from the skin, leaving the skin even and soft. The mud mask can be used once or twice a week and followed up with a a toner and moisturizer for more supple skin. 

Besides for the skin care products you use, you’ll also want to pat dry your skin after the skin was in contact with water. When the skin feels excessively dry, or rosacea is present, try sleeping with a satin pillow, as the cotton will continue to dry out your skin as you sleep. 

We want to find the right balance between washing and moisturizing our skin. Using the right products for your skin type, daily, should vastly improve the condition of your skin so that it continuously glows! 


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