You may be happy to know that uneven skin tones are one of the most common skin concerns out there. The good news is, because it is such a popular issue, it has been widely studied and discussed and there are a plethora of solutions out there.

As we get a little older we start to notice our skin’s varying skin tones. Sometimes these differences can be sunspots, while other times it may be due to hormones, medicinal side effects, genetics, or habits. 

You may be happy to know that uneven skin tones are one of the most common skin concerns out there. The good news is, because it is such a popular issue, it has been widely studied and discussed. This means that there are a plethora of solutions out there and we are fairly confident that one of these solutions will be right for you! 

What Causes Uneven Skin Tones?

But before we jump to the solutions (well, technically you can jump right to the solution) we want to explore what causes uneven skin tones. When we investigate the cause, then we can cure it in the moment and avoid the problem from appearing again in the future. 

Some Common Causes for Uneven Skin Tones:

  • The Sun- you probably knew that already. At least in some part, at the back of your mind knew it. Sun exposure is probably the number one reason for uneven skin tones. Even if the sun evens out your skin tone in the instant, long term, it only causes sun spots and uneven skin tones and potential skin damage.
    1. Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation/ hypopigmentation-these are usually marks left in the skin, or scarring after pimples, burns and bug bites. Hyperpigmentation can also be due to genetics or caused by environmental factors. 
    2. Hormones- our hormones, especially as they fluctuate during our menstrual cycle, can cause uneven skin tones. This is also a common symptom during pregnancy or as a side effect from birth control.
    3. Erythema-when the skin is red (or burgundy depending on your skintone), inflamed, or appears to have rosacea.

    Natural Solutions to Uneven Skin Tones

    In this section we’ll explore natural ingredients and methods for evening out skin tones and preventing uneven skin tones from ever appearing again! 

      1. Exfoliating- Can be one of the best techniques for getting rid of uneven skin tones is by including it as part of your skincare routine.  Exfoliation can be chemical or mechanical.  An example of chemical exfoliation would be Vonetta Cosmetics' mandelic cleansing gel and a physical exfoliator would be our  delicious natural face scrub like Vonetta Cosmetics’ Strawberry Pumice Scrub.
      2. Aloe Vera-whenever we think of skin burns, most of us think: Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera gel will not only soothe sunburns, but will also hydrate the skin and will help remove dark patches from the skin - for all skin types. When using aloe vera, make sure it’s as close to 100% as possible, or you can opt for a lighter treatment like a natural Pore Purifying Toner  which utilizes aloe vera as one of their main ingredients.   
  • Salicylic acid peels- salicylic acid peels, also known as beta hydroxy acid (BHA), might just be the best kept beauty secret out there. But not for long! You can either book an appointment with your dermatologist for a salicylic acid treatment to remove blackheads and dead skin cells, or opt for a lighter treatment like a natural Pore Purifying Toner with salicylic acid, that is both gentle and powerful all in one!
    1. Lemon Juice-The citric acid in lemon juice has been used for centuries to remove sun spots or dark spots from the skin. In truth, vitamin C overall, used topically, or ingested can help fight free radical damage i.e. sun damage. If you choose to go this route, I would recommend speaking about it with a licensed esthetician.
    1. Cucumber- cucumber is a natural remedy for all skin tones. The silicone substance in cucumber helps get rid of dark spots and can be used anywhere, anytime! You can also apply a natural cucumber gel mask to hydrate the skin and even out skin tones. 
    2. Retinol- Retinol comes from Vitamin A. It works by fading the dark spots on the skin and encourages new skin cell production. You can find retinol as an active ingredient in many natural creams or gels, which also utilize aloe vera, and cucumber. Just be sure to use it as a night cream, as it doesn’t react well with sunlight. 

    Our final beauty thoughts on uneven skin tones and dark spots 

    Our bodies are forever in flux and changing, not only from year to year, but from day to day. Some changes are very gradual, and often unnoticeable, while others seem to have appeared out of nowhere, and can be quite distressing or alarming. We believe that beauty is a process. Our hair and skin need our attention night and day. We can either look at our appearances as something stressful and tiresome, or as a way to connect with our bodies and offer them what they need to feel and look great. 

    Tending to your beauty is a matter of self care and self love. We want you to enjoy the process and connect to your body’s needs and health. Sometimes when our skin flares up, or dark spots appear, it’s our skin’s way of communicating something with us. By paying attention to our skin and how it reacts to certain ingredients, hormones and environmental factors, we will learn what is healthy or unhealthy for our bodies. Let’s learn how to work with the process and cycles of our skin rather than against them!

    Have you recently discovered a way to naturally cure uneven skin tones? What was your approach and how has it affected your lifestyle and appearance? 

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