Managing dry skin, especially during the winter months, can be quite a challenge. 

Those of us with dry skin may have a difficult time all year long. However, when winter comes along, it can feel like next level difficult. Not only will the cool, drying winds dry out the skin, but so will all those high heated places you just won’t be able to avoid. Naturally, you’ll start moisturizing with your best moisturizers, but what are skin care tips to ensure your skin stays hydrated all season long? Let’s find out! 

  • Go for a Cream Cleanser
  • With dry skin, we really need that added moisture wherever we can get it. Though it’s important to cleanse your skin, some of us have had negative experiences with our cleansers, leaving our cheeks unbearably dry. Instead of using a gel-based or foam-based cleanser, which can dry out your skin, opt for a cream cleanser that will cleanse and continue to hydrate your skin as it works its magic. 

    Vonetta Cosmetics’ Chamomile Cream Cleanser will remove impurities and dead skin cells from the skin while carefully hydrating your skin with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ingredients like chamomile. This ensures your skin feels both clean and soft by the end of your wash routine. 

  • Use a Moisturizing Toner  
  • Moisturizing toners were basically designed for those of us with dry skin. Moisturizing toners (not astringent based toners) with essential oils will prep your skin for your moisturizer and add in that extra moisture and healing properties your skin needs to stay hydrated all day long. Vonetta Cosmetics' Normalizing Toner is infused with sage, aloe vera, lemon grass, and cucumber, making your skin feel light, clean and fresh for the day. 

  • Exfoliate More Often
  • As counter intuitive as this may sound, exfoliating more often will help your skin shed those outer layers of dead skin cells. This helps your skin further absorb the nutrients and moisture it needs from your moisturizers, and also makes your skin appear more even in tone. We recommend the Strawberry Pumice Scrub, which won’t be too abrasive on the skin, but will gently remove impurities and toxins, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Exfoliating also helps our makeup go on more smoothly. We recommend exfoliating in winter 2-3 times per week. 

  • Serum time
  • If you’re not already using a serum after your toner, then we think it’s time you start. Serums help our moisturizer penetrate more deeply into our skin, enriching it with more nourishing moisture. Your serum will also help protect the skin from external environmental factors. If you’re in need of a serum that will restore damaged skin cells, brighten skin and protect the skin, go for Triple Action Lightening Gel. This serum has some of our favorite powerful ingredients like organic reishi, gotu kola, aloe, witch hazel, fennel, vitamin E, willow bark, dandelion, and wild geranium to even out skin tone and make sure that that skin glows! We absolutely love this product. 

  • Hydrating Face Masks 1-2 times Per Week
  • Our skin loves moisture. And during those cool summer months, our defenses are down, our immune system’s are low and our skin suffers from the surrounding dry air. Your Mineral Rejuvenating Mask will remove toxins while it rejuvenates the skin. The minerals in the mud will naturally draw out impurities while enriching the skin so that it can withstand the harsh winter environment. 

  • Get the right moisturizer for your skin type
  • The right Equalizing Moisturizer should be used both morning and night and will last all day long. Dry skin types need the assistance of essential oils to penetrate all layers of the skin, to make sure the skin remains hydrated without any damage. We especially need to take care of our skin’s barrier which is easily damaged or broken from more abrasive temperatures. 

    Further tips:

    Try a humidifier in your home. This will ensure your skin stays hydrated while you sleep, or while you simply kick back and watch a movie. We also recommend trying your best to avoid or limit alcohol or caffeine consumption, which will dry your skin from the inside out. Opt for herbal teas, alcohol-free drinks and more gentle caffeine than coffee, if you just need that extra surge of energy. We recommend that you always stick to your skin care routine, and always use your nighttime moisturizer. When we moisturize at night our skin has the opportunity to recover and repair while we sleep. And if your skin is feeling extra dry, try sleeping with a satin pillowcase which won’t dry out your skin.

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