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August 08, 2018 2 min read

Here's the story.
So you might be asking yourself,  “what is a depilatory?”

A depilatory is the simple act of hair removal. However, depilatory products come in a variety of forms; with the most popular being creams, sprays, and lotions. Depilatory products are created for both facial and body hair removal.

When judging depilatories simply for convenience, these products seem like the perfect deal. They’re inexpensive, readily on-hand, and simple to use.

However, unlike traditional hair removal methods depilatories use a chemical process to remove hair. Similar to ahair relaxer, depilatories use a chemical process that involves the decomposition of the chemical bonds found in hair. The hair can then easily be wiped off following it’s processing phase.
When choosing hair removal methods it's important to use discretion to avoid unnecessary skin damage. In layman's terms, “ Depilatories can really jack you up.”
Some of the common negative side effects following the usage of depilatories include:
The “5 o'clock shadow”
Have you ever found yourself sporting a 5 o'clock shadow following the usage of a depilatory product? This occurs because the depilatory can only dissolve hair at the skin's surface level. Even though depilatories are quick and efficient, you’ll most likely find yourself using them often to combat the stubble.
Skin sensitivity
The strong chemicals used in depilatories can result in skin sensitivity, and burning. According to theFDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors, multiple reports of: burns, blisters, stinging, itchy rashes, and skin peeling have been cited as effects of depilatories.
When irritated, depilatories can cause the skin to darken in a process known as PIH(post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).
Despite the negative effects mentioned above, safer hair removal options do exist!
My recommended removal methods include:
Threading-Threading is the gentlest form of hair removal, making it the best option for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin.
Waxing-Waxing not only prevents ingrown hairs, but it also leaves a smooth long lasting effect.
Sugaring-Sugaring utilizes natural ingredients, while also maintaining a relatively low cost. With prolonged usage, sugaring can result inpermanent hair loss.
Have questions, or need a professionals advice on safe hair removal methods? visitmytruthbar.com andschedule a consultation.

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