Mandelic acid is is great for those who want to even out their skin tone, for those who are trying to fight off acne, and for those who are trying their best to manage hyperpigmentation.

Mandelic Acid is primarily used to treat hyperpigmentation and acne prone skin. But what is it exactly?

Peels are some of the best treatments for removing acne scars and for treating hyperpigmentation. There are several different active ingredients that can work as a peel to rejuvenate the skin. There’s Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid and Lactic acid, which are just a few examples of ingredients used to exfoliate the skin and create a peel. But Mandelic Acid is one of the newer acids which is designed for sensitive skin types. And there’s a whole lot more to it than that!

So, what is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic acid, also known as Amygdalic Acid, is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which is extracted from bitter almonds. AHAs work on the skin by encouraging the skin to shed naturally by loosening the connection between impacted surface skin cells. AHAs are typically exfoliants. Mandelic acid is more gentle on the skin than your other acids because of its larger molecular weight. The reason why mandelic acid’s molecular size matters is because the larger in size the molecules are, the slower the acid is at penetrating the surface of the skin. This slowness is why it’s less of an irritant when compared to other acids. It sort of works its way into the skin, rather than shocking the skin into peeling and shedding dead skin cells. 

Benefits of Mandelic Acid

The most obvious benefit of Mandelic acid is its ability to exfoliate the skin.It’s not an abrasive scrub, rather it works at slowly removing the dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and pores. 

Antibacterial properties- the antibacterial properties of Mandelic acid will clear away the bacteria that is trapped in the skin’s pores that create acne and encourage the formation of blackheads. It works at unclogging the pores and prevents acne breakouts down the line. 

Removes and decreases oil production- Mandelic acid prevents an overproduction of sebum, which is commonly what causes acne and breakouts. Very often, those with acne-prone skin tend to have an overproduction of sebum, the skin’s natural oil, which then clogs the pores and makes the skin breakout with acne or pimples. 

Treats hyperpigmentation and scars left behind from acne- Mandelic acid will help promote the production of new skin cell growth, which increases the healing of scars from acne. When the skin gathers old skin cells, we see an uneven skin tone. But when the skin sheds dead skin cells we experience a more even skin tone - and even skin that glows. 

Maintains skin’s moisture- the same way we need to balance how much sebum our skin produces, we also need to maintain how much moisture our skin absorbs. Too little moisture can lead to flaking and dry skin patches. Dry and damaged skin can make the skin age faster or appear older. Mandelic acid encourages the production of hyaluronic acid which enables the skin to maintain a healthy balance of moisture.

Elasticity and anti-aging benefits- Mandelic acid can increase the amount of collagen one contains which supports the skin’s strength and structure. We need collagen for our skin to look healthy, plump and youthful. 

Brightens skin- with consistent use, Mandelic acid has the power to brighten up the skin so it glows. It will remove blemishes and scars left behind from acne, and it can even out the skin tone so it looks youthful and healthy. 

Final thoughts on Mandelic Acid skin care benefits

Mandelic acid is a fantastic new ingredient on the beauty market right now, which is both sensitive and powerful. It’s great for those who want to even out their skin tone, for those who are trying to fight off acne, and for those who are trying their best to manage hyperpigmentation. When used regularly, it has the power to cleanse and improve the condition of the skin. 

For the reasons mentioned above, Vonetta Cosmetics has dedicated a whole exfoliating bottle to Mandelic acid. It works with other ingredients to deeply penetrate the first layer of the skin, to clean out those pores and to fight off acne bacteria from forming inside that beautiful skin!

If you’re trying to cure acne, hyperpigmentation, want to even out your skin tone or simply looking for a cleanser that will strengthen and enhance the condition of your skin, we highly recommend adding Vonetta Cosmetics’ Mandelic Acid Cleansing Gel to your killer beauty regimine. 

If you have any questions or thoughts on Mandelic Acid, reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you! 

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