Gotu Kola has been a go-to herb in Chinese medicine for centuries because of all of its healing and nourishing benefits. But what exactly is Gotu Kola? What can Gotu Kola do for our skin? 

If you’re just learning about Gotu Kola for the first time, then you’re really in for a treat (and so is your skin!)

Gotu Kola is an ayurvedic herb which is a part of the parsley family. Gotu Kola has been a go-to herb in Chinese medicine for centuries because of all of its healing and nourishing benefits. But what exactly is Gotu Kola? What can Gotu Kola do for our skin? And how do we reap the benefits of this medicinal herb? 

Let’s get learning! 

What is Gotu Kola?

This medicinal herb, in the scientific field it’s known as Centella Asiatica, has the power to cure skin issues, boost brain power, and improve circulation and the health of the kidneys and liver. It has been used as a medicinal herb in China and Indonesia for centuries and is widely grown in Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia and the South Pacific. Gotu Kola actually grows on a vine and springs white and pink flowers and grows all year long. 

The healing powers of Gotu Kola for the Skin

Gotu Kola has what’s called saponins, also known as triterpenoids. Research points to the triterpene saponins found in Gotu Kola as the explanation behind its powerful skin healing properties. It’s believed to produce and promote collagen production, which is a part of what makes the skin look and feel youthful. It also tightens the skin cells, which prevents the skin from sagging in later years. 

Creams containing Gotu Kola have the ability to reduce stretch marks and heal wounds. It has the power to moisturize the skin, reduce inflammation (which is an essential treatment for those prone to breakouts and acne) and can improve blood circulation and reduce swelling caused by vein disorders

Healing powers of gotu kola on the body and mental health

Gotu Kola is believed to improve and enhance memory retention and it has even been used to treat alzeihmers. It helps stimulate the brain’s neural pathways, boosts blood circulation when applied topically and when ingested. It can help control blood sugar levels and has been 

proven to reduce stress and anxiety issues by calming the adrenal gland. It not only decreases the so-called stress hormone, but helps promote dopamine and serotonin levels, our so-called happy hormones. 

Our Final Thoughts on Gotu Kola

Once you make the decision to turn away from harmful chemicals and start doing your research on natural remedies and treatments, you quickly discover all these incredible herbs and plants which you may have never even heard of before. Gotu Kola is definitely one of nature’s best kept secrets, especially for those of us who don’t come from areas where it grows. But, it’s hard to keep a great secret for very long! 

Gotu Kola is now appearing more and more on the market, in health food stores and in natural beauty products. If you’re wondering what our favorite beauty product is with Gotu Kola, it’s obviously Vonetta Cosmetics’ Triple Action Lightening Gel, a natural skin brightener. (But we’re also in love with the Heyedration Gel, for its collagen boosting and skin firming powers!) 

Have you recently discovered Gotu Kola? What positive consequences have you noticed after incorporating this ingredient into your life? We’d absolutely love to hear from you! 

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