Oily Skin Kit

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If you think that washing your face with warm water and moisturizing with vaseline is a skincare routine, think again!  How clean is your face?  Would you eat off of a plate that was rinsed with warm water to get it clean?  If your skin is normal you still need the right products to keep it that way.  Try our normal skin kit, it does just enough for your skin without doing too much.

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This Kit Contains:Pore Purifying Toner, TRUTH Bar, Extreme Suncare Gel and Balancing Moisturizer


Morning and Night wash with the TRUTH bar.  Create lather in your hands, massage lather onto your face staying away from eyes and mouth.

Morning and Night apply Pore Purifying Toner with a cotton ball or pad.  Rub briskly but not hard.  If cotton pad looks dirty move on to the next step.  This toner helps to clean the pores well, but if you over do it your skin may get sensitive.

Morning and Night apply Balancing Moisturizer.  Massage into skin. Continue with next step.

Every Morning apply a THIN layer of Extreme Suncare Gel.  Rub in well.