Period Pack

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OK, SOOOOO, you have a period every month...right?  You get an 2-3 pimples every month...right?  They each leave discoloration and at the end of the year you may have up to 24-36 new dark spots...right? 

If you're tired of this process, your skin is too!  Try the period pack.  Results are seen pretty immediately and you won't have to dread cycle time and the discoloration  it can bring.

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This kit contains:TRUTH Bar, Oil/Acne mask


Morning and Night wash with the TRUTH bar.  Create lather in your hands, massage lather onto your face staying away from eyes and mouth.

Morning or Night apply a generous coat of oil/acne mask all over except eye and mouth area.  Let sit for 4-7 minutes, rinse,pat dry.