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August 03, 2018 3 min read

When clients reach out to me, they are more often than not ,trying to get that glow that no filter or highlighter can provide!  However, they are typically practicing not so great skin care habits that slow down or can even halt their progress leaving their skin discolored, dull and drab.  Included in these "not so great" habits are using painful techniques, like excessive scrubbing or stripping of their skin in hopes of rushing the process.


Pain is definitely not gain... when it comes to skin care.


Achieving your skincare goals are as simple as living a lifestyle that is conducive to healthy, glowing skin, eating a proper diet to replenish the cells, and using products that are working with your skin type, not against it.  


Now, what will not help you achieve your goals is Rough Skin Care.  You remember the saying, "pain is gain?"  This theory should apply to things like fitness, not, how you treat your skin.  Here are a few things to consider if you find your self experiencing burning, stinging, itching, unwarranted peeling/ flaking, etc.





Picking is among the top causes of discoloration and dark marks. Think back to your childhood, when you would get a wound, and a few days later it started to scab.  When you picked it, what happened?  Another scab had to form, right?  Absolutely, that is just the natural healing process.  


So, when it comes to the skin on your face, its no different.  Never... ever... ever, pick your bumps, acne, or scabs.  You will cause more scarring,darker pigments, and ultimately, it will be harder to correct.  When you  focus on the solution to clear the pimples and acne, you will ultimately not have anything to pick. 


*Tip*  Ice your skin each time you cleanse.  This will reduced inflammation, redness, and it’s an anti-aging solution.


Harsh Scrubs and Soaps


Products like apricot scrubs and alcohol are no good for facial skin.  Although the scrubs may seem harmless, under a microscope you will see particles with sharp jagged edges.  Imagine the teeny, tiny cuts that are formed when you scrub your skin...can you imagine the sensitivity that is created?  Find a scrub that is gentle with fine particles, such as polyethylene beads as this won’t upset the balance of your skin.


Using alcohol directly on skin, or products that contain drying  alcohols within the first six ingredients on the ingredient label, without question are generally bad for your skin. No way around that, it’s simply bad for all skin types. And, the consequences include dryness, deterioration of the surface of skin (that’s really bad for skin), and a strain on how skin replenishes, renews, and rejuvenates itself. Alcohol just weakens everything about skin...point.blank.period.


If you are currently experiencing irritation and have been incorporating any of the above products in your skincare routine, stop immediately.  Give your skin a few days to calm down, and during this time, use a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock.  After the irritation has cleared, proceed by using skincare products that will clear any issues your skin has while brightening/ evening your skin tone.


Don't have a skincare routine?  consult with a professional Skincare expert and get started with a proper routine ASAP!

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