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Are you tired of feeling like everyone is staring at your acne?  Do you get painful (and oftentimes big) pimples making it hard to even sleep comfortably?  Tired of unsuccessfully trying to hide your breakouts?  Do you want to just see a smooth skin everywhere, instead of trying to find that perfect profile to hide your breakouts?  Suffer no more, meet the Cystic Acne Kit!

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This kit contains:TRUTH Bar, Pore Purifying Toner, Zit zapping Gel, Pore Purifying Mask


Morning and Night wash with the TRUTH bar.  Create lather in your hands, massage lather onto your face staying away from eyes and mouth.

Morning or Night apply Pore Purifying Mask all over face except eye and mouth area.  Let sit for 60 minutes, rinse,pat dry.

Morning and Night apply Pore Purifying Toner with a cotton ball or pad.  Rub briskly but not hard.  If cotton pad looks dirty move on to the next step.  This toner helps to clean the pores well, but if you over do it your skin may get sensitive.

At Night apply a thin coat of zit zapping gel all over.  Stay away fromeye and mouth area.  This should be the last item applied at night.