Your Appointment

Your Appointment

Consultation: We get to know you either in person or long-distance by phone as we evaluate your skin problem, health, family history, lifestyle, and current regimen. This data helps us choose effective products and treatments to kick-start your path to clear skin. Let’s clear it up!

Make sure to fill out the Skincare Consultation form that will be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

Treatments: For your safety, you can’t be irritated, rashy, sunburned, overly dry, or have a cold sore. Before your treatment: Don’t scrub, work out, use a hairdryer, be in direct sun, or shave for 24 hours. Don’t wax, pick, use depilatory, or get any chemical hair services for four days.

IMPORTANT: Due to a life-threatening shellfish allergy, do not eat or handle crab, shrimp, prawns, imitation crab, or lobster for a full 48 hours before you come in.

Note: All new or returning clients require a consultation.

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