Meet the TRUTH BAR.

Many people have fell in love with the TRUTH BAR here is how it all happened.  Of course this is the short

From its introduction in 2004, the TRUTH BAR™ formerly known as the Oil/Acne Bar has been popular.  After four years of carrying the bar and at the peak of its popularity, the vendor informed me that they would no longer be in business.  I shared the news to my clients and gave them an opportunity to buy as many bars as they wanted, for one last time.  In a few short weeks, I sold 300 bars, with one client ordering a whopping 18 bars!

Over the course of the next four years, I continued to search for a bar that could compare or replace the original bar and its reputation. Clients would continually ask if I found someone new to make the bar as there was nothing like it and it was their favorite. One client request too many made me begin considering the idea of making the bar myself. I already had a heavy math background and an affinity and great knowledge of skincare. So, I played around with the formula for a while, and after much trial and error, making soap and using lovers of my original Oil/Acne bar as judges, I created a new (much improved according to my clients) Oil/Acne bar.

During this time, I developed a relationship with Kelly J of “Natural Girls Rock” who has a audience of over 700K.  After learning how she was able to successfully grow and scale her business from the ground up, I knew that she would be essential to the growth and success of Vonetta Cosmetics, thus leading to her being my business success coach.   

On a one of our monthly calls, I happened to mention all of the great responses I was getting to the re-introduction of the new Oil/Acne Bar.  She kindly offered to put samples in her orders to introduce it to some of her clients. I made 500 samples and delivered them that same week.  They were put into outgoing packages and after about two weeks her phone was ringing off the hook from clients who tried the bar, asking where they could purchase it.   

Ultimately that opportunity let me know I was onto something big! Not just for oily/acne prone skin, but for skin that was normal, dry, had eczema, rough textured, with dermatitis, etc. In the reviews many people would use the term “truth” in describing the bar, which led us to loosely calling it "THE TRUTH bar".

My sister had suggested to me a while ago that I should patent the bar, but I brushed the idea off until she shared with me the successful results from her friend, who used the bar. After just a few uses, he was able to completely clear a stubborn rash on his face.  Then decided to see what would happen if he used it for the dermitis he was suffering from between his toes.  After many failed attempts to treat it with prescribed medication, the TRUTH BAR™ cleared it within two days of use.  Hearing this review and my sister suggesting that if I did not patent it, someone else would, was  all I needed to not only to patent my formulation, but to formally trademark it “TRUTH BAR™”.                                                       
The rest is history!     
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