Are you in a committed relationship with your esthetician?

Whether we are discussing romantic relationships or relationships with your esthetician, being committed is far more beneficial than having a “fling”.  When talking skin care and achieving the results you desire, it is a great idea to find an esthetician you can trust, and begin the process of establishing a committed relationship.  This may sound strange, but let me explain…
  1.  A committed relationship with an licensed esthetician, you now have someone who knows you and your skin well enough to:
  • Know which products/services will work for your particular skin and which ones will not.
  • Help you to understand your skin and what makes it “happy.”  This includes how your diet, lifestyle and products affect your skin, whether good or bad.
  • Quickly identify your skin mysteries- which comes from a personal/working knowledge of you and your skin history.
    • an example of this is my sleuthing work with a client that all of a sudden had issues with getting chemical peels…After many question/answer sessions between my client and I, I discovered she was taking citrucel and it affected the PH of her skin making and her ability to have a successful chemical peel
  • Not waste time working on services/products that are not issues for you.  Example, you go in for help with dark spots and the esthetician is pushing eye creams your way. In a committed skincare relationship your esthetician should repect your needs, goals and budget
  • Understand/know you and your lifestyle and is able to make recommendations accordingly.  Example, not giving a ten step routine to a mom of a newborn…which, we all know, she would not have the time, energy or desire to focus a program with that amount of steps.

A committed skin relationship is especially important if you have a skin issue you are trying to fix.  And, fixing these issues can take time, lots of conversation and patience.

check out the before and after pictures of Janna, one of my current clients.  She was able to achieve these results in less than 60 days, and it is all because of her commitment to me, my commitment to her and our plan for her skin!
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