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Is your skin giving you the BLUES???

If so, you have come to the right place.  Vonetta Williams has been successfully treating clients suffering with various skin issues, for over 25 years, many of which are included above.  During this time, she formulated a comprehensive line of products,  Vonetta Cosmetics, including cleansers, toners, serums, chemical peels and more. 

Through this conversation about your skin concerns, diet, lifestyle and products (currently being used) ,she is able to help you perfect all of these areas and help you reach your skin goals.  See what her our clients below have to say about their skin talks with Ms. V.

To read more testimonials of client success, check out our Google Review Page.

Not in the Metro Area?

We can help you clear your skin from anywhere! Ask about our nationwide Long Distance programs that we’ll design just for you. Because we’re on a mission to clear your skin, we’ll help and encourage you, even if you live far away.
Long-distance clients get an in-depth phone consultation, effective skincare, brightening and acne products, and an easy-to-follow home care regimen. We also provide long-distance skincare coaching by phone, digital photos, email, video, and even advice via text because ongoing support is key to clearing your skin. In other words, you’ll receive personalized attention and expert advice to help you clear your acne and dark spots and stay that way, no matter where you live.
Skincare services with licensed estheticians, including acne treatments, facials, and skin peels, are available for current clients in Atlanta and North Carolina.
Call the friendly team of Vonetta Cosmetics™ acne experts and multi-ethnic skin care specialists at 404.419.7546 or request an appointment online today. Learn about the best results-oriented home treatment products and services in the Metro Area and beyond. Let’s clear it up!